Does Your Home Need Motorized Blinds and Shades?

your home needs motorized blinds & shades

Motorized window treatments are the latest innovation in the world of window treatments and home automation and are something everyone can find beneficial and enjoy using.

What Are Motorized Window Treatments?

Motorized window treatments allow you to open, close, and adjust your window treatments with the simple touch of a button. With the new PowerView® Motorization system from Hunter Douglas, your window treatments can be programed to move to different positions throughout the day, so you don’t have to give them a second thought. The PowerView® App allows you to control your window treatments from your desk at work or anywhere in the world using your smart device.

What Are The Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments?


A wonderful feature of motorized window treatments is that you don’t have to think about them. Simply program the desired settings for different times of the day and PowerView® will take care of the rest. If you decide you want to close your blinds while you’re watching TV, just use the Pebble™ Remote or your smart device and adjust them without getting off the couch.


Motorized blinds and shades that adjust automatically in the evenings are a good way to keep prying eyes out at night.  Many styles of shades are excellent at providing privacy and natural daylight at the same time, and Hunter Douglas has a motorized solution for all of them.  Top up and bottom down shades can be programmed to automatically open the lower half of the window during the range of hours when the view outside is more important than privacy, for example. Vertical blinds, which are excellent at blocking direct sunlight or a direct view into the interior space even when they are not completely closed, can be programmed to a specific position to meet your privacy needs.

Energy Efficiency

With the ability to program your window treatments to adjust during certain parts of the day, you can maximize your home energy savings. For example, during the summer, program your blinds to close during the brightest, hottest part of the day, or when the sun is shining directly into your home. This will reduce the work required of your air conditioning unit to maintain a constant temperature. In the winter, program your window treatments to open when the sun is shining in to increase the temperature inside your home.


Nothing deters would-be thieves more than evidence that someone is inside your home. With home automation, blinds that open and close automatically create the appearance that someone is home, whether or not someone really is.  Combine lights that turn on automatically with the ability to open or close specific window shadings remotely from any internet connection, criminals are much more likely to pass over your home and move on to other targets.


If you have small children or pets in your home, you’ve probably worried about the cords dangling from your existing window treatments. With PowerView® Motorization, Hunter Douglas motorized shades use a cordless system, so you won’t have to give you child’s (or pet’s) safety a second thought.

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